Thursday, May 31, 2007

Winning the Lottery with Law of Attraction?

This is a sample of questions I answer in my tips letter and on my podcasts:


"You probably get this question a lot, but is it possible to win the lottery using the law of attraction? If so, how can I learn to really believe, without any doubt, that it will definitely happen. This is a serious question."

I believe everyone who wins the lottery has attracted it just like we all have attracted everything into our life. The question in this email is - can you use the law deliberately? Yes, you can use the law deliberately and fantasizing about it will help you to start moving towards the feeling of believing. Really create a scenario about what it would be like to win and what you would do with the windfall. Pay attention to the feelings you have - especially if you are feeling resistance. A great way to get rid of resistance is through use of the Sedona Method or through EFT.

I would also suggest that you keep this particular desire to yourself or share it only with people you know for sure are going to help you stay in vibrational harmony. There are way too many nay-sayers out there with opinions and statistics to pull out of a hat. However, people win lotteries, contests and draws daily. DAILY!!!! YOU could be the next winner! (P.S. - I want to hear your story when it happens!)

I want to point out one last thing from this question - the last sentence gives a giant clue to where you are vibrationally around this topic. By having to state that this is a serious question leads me to think that you have a belief, or you are around others with this belief, that this is not possible or seriously possible :). Ask the Universe for evidence that the Law of Attraction has worked for others. Many of the lotteries now have stories about the winners on their website or in magazines. There are also television shows about this too. I was just watching one this weekend and it is a great inspiration.

Feel great, fantasize and go forth and win big!

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Make it an awesome day and pass this on to a friend who is attracting it!



officiallyhelen said...

My boyfriend and I watched "The Secret" in February '07 and we were hooked on the law of attraction. As soon as we finished watching "The Secret", my boyfriend turned to me and told me he was going to win the lottery...and so, we both put our energy into that creation. Within the month he won $500 in a sports lottery he plays every now and then. We were AMAZED and we still continue to deliberately create everything in our lives. :)

ChadDarnell said...

I'm so glad you started a blog!!

camilyn said...


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